Transition BottleRocket

written by J.V. Nixon

, Transition BottleRocket


If you’ve been keeping up with the mountain biking industry in any way shape or form, you have without a doubt seen a picture of this bike. The Transition BottleRocket is a versatile bike that meets the needs of a vast amount of riding styles. The BottleRocket feels at home on varying terrain whether it is freeriding, dirt jumping, or trail riding. It fits easily within the scope of the budding new buzzword, slopestyle, for which was its intended purpose. The Transition BottleRocket has a high degree of danger when put in capable hands.

Transition Bikes is rider owned and it is apparent in their bike designs that they are in touch with a rider’s needs. Kevin Menard and Kyle Young are avid riders and their design and vision are reflected heavily in their work. They know how to treat their customers and when you buy a Transition you become part of the family and that’s not something they take lightly.

With this review, we hope to show you first hand how this bike might be right for you. If you have any questions, you can contact Transition Bikes as they’re more than willing to answer any questions you have on their products.

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