Straitline Pedals

The Axle:

To begin, we’ll take a look at the pieces of the pedal to understand the system and why it works so well. The Straitline axle has changed slightly since the pedal came to fruition. It got a little beefier but the main principles have stayed the same. This latest version of the Straitline pedal includes thrust washers and no longer needs to be broken in as the pedal spins freely out of the box. These newest pedals are set up to have a slight amount of play, but Straitline says they are set up this way on purpose as it won’t get any more play in them.

The pedals have been updated for 2008 to address a number of possible issues, first and foremost, seal failure that results in pedals with excessive side float and seizure. The updated system contains no seals to fail. They are run dry. No bearings to wear out or need re-greasing. When under load they run very smoothly, especially after a few good rides.

, Straitline Pedals

axle and body cut-away detail (click to enlarge)

The Straitline axle system is unique and solid. It is a Cro-Mo axle that is machined to their specifications. The axle is marked Left (L) and Right (R). Each axle starts at 12mm then reduces in diameter and the back up agian to 10mm at the end of the axle (as seen above).

, Straitline Pedals

The end of the axle has two slots in it to clasp to the double redundant clip system

, Straitline Pedals

fully assembled (click to enlarge)

The axle system attaches to the body of the pedal as follows (pre-load o-ring, inner thrust washer, pedal body with bushings on each side, outer thrust washer, thrust collar, clip protector, poodle clip 1, clip protector, poodle clip 2).

, Straitline Pedals

axle assembly detail (click to enlarge)

The pedal axles have the same amount of radial play as previous pedals, but don’t have the benefit of an o-ring to mask this play. This is something that is noticeable when twisting the axle with your fingers, but isn’t noticeable when they’re on the bike.

, Straitline Pedals

old axle detail (click to enlarge)

, Straitline Pedals

new revised axle detail (click to enlarge)

Unlike previous versions of Strailine Pedals, the updated axle design will feel the same in 6 months as when they are first broken in.

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