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written by J.V. Nixon

, Straitline Pedals
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MSRP Cost: $149.00 USD

Straitline Components is a precision based manufacturing company out of Sidney, BC. They’ve manufactured parts for a plethora of companies ranging from aerospace to deep sea products.

Straitline Components make parts that not only look sweet, but work just as great. Hands down they’ve got their machining down better that just about everyone else in the bike business. Precision is a word many toss around, but once you’ve seen their parts you might have a new standard of what precision is. The finish of their products show little to no CNC markings or signs of imperfections.

Constantly upgrading and refining their products as they see ways to improve, they’ve updated them since their debut to make them even better. The Straitline pedals are flat out amazing, with new pedal colors added this year (red, brown, and white). They ring in at 530g (9g heavier than the first version), but have improved in strength and durability. We got a hold of their newest pedals. To see what these pedals have got to offer, check inside.

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