Sram X.9 Drivetrain

written by: J.V. Nixon


, Sram X.9 Drivetrain

For 2008, Sram has tweaked the X.9 lineup ever so slightly. The groupo has gained much attention and notoriety over the past few seasons and rightfully so. In 2008 there aren’t too many changes to the X.9 drivetrain comparable to years past but they have refined a few things. Sram X.9 boasts much of the same functional benefits of the Sram X.0 lineup, but at a much more affordable cost. The functionality of X.9 is for the most part on par with X.0 offerings but come at a slightly heavier weight and less blingy (no carbon). See inside to see what we thought about the Sram X.9 Shifters and their rear derailleur offerings for 2008.

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