Shimano SH-MP56L Shoes

written by: J.V. Nixon


, Shimano SH-MP56L Shoes

Shimano has been making shoes for as long as I can remember and I got a chance to check out their SH-MP56L Shoe. These shoes have been around for awhile now and are very popular amongst racers and enthusiasts. Shimano shoes are ridden by some of the top level racers in all cycling disciplines. Shoes are not something you want to have bad/improper fitting as they’re a integral part in keeping you safe and putting power to the ground. Shimano aims to create the best shoe to their capacity and below we’ll explore a bit more about what they have to offer in the SH-MP56L.

The Product Features:

  • Rigidity required for BMX, DH, and street cycling.
  • Tall inside height of upper supports ankle and keeps mud, dirt and water out.
  • Flat soles for comfortable walking.
  • Sole material is a natural gum rubber selected specifically for its tackiness.
  • Available in sizes 3.5-12.5 (36 – 48 European) and fit like typical cycling shoes.
, Shimano SH-MP56L Shoes

Shimano SH-MP56L shoes (click to enlarge)

Riding Results:

These Shimano shoes fit quite well and they weren’t too tight or too loose. They’ve got some simple styling that I really like as well. The shoe’s overall body is very easy to clean, which is a plus. The inside height on the ankles is higher which helps to protect the inside of the ankle and keep debris out, while providing some really nice stability.

, Shimano SH-MP56L Shoes

inside profile detail (click to enlarge)

The shoe is designed well to protect against the elements and it sheds mud/water exceptionally well. The shoes also feature a shoe-lace enclosure to help keep your laces out of the drivetrain as well as a means to keep the elements out even more. The shoes also have a rear clasp that helps in putting the shoes on quickly and easily.

, Shimano SH-MP56L Shoes

lace enclosure detail (click to enlarge)

The shoes breathe quite well considering how well they protect your feet from mud/water/debris. The tongue isn’t too thick and the overall feel of the shoes while riding was very nice. I’m pretty picky on shoe fitting and these shoes felt wonderful to ride, or hike up the hill all day.

, Shimano SH-MP56L Shoes

side profile (click to enlarge)

The traction on the shoes is ok. There’s nothing too special about the way I felt these shoes gripped the pedals but they do have these wavy channels in the bottom of the shoe that sets your feet inside the pedal a bit more if you’ve got pedals with spikes or nubs. Whether this position is ideal is debatable and I would have preferred to see a waffle style sole, or some sticky rubber underneath.

, Shimano SH-MP56L Shoes

sole detail (click to enlarge)

Where can the SH-MP56L improve?

The Shimano SH-MP56L isn’t perfect and I feel it has a few areas where it can improve on.

  • The shoe’s lace enclosure is great but is a bit soft and in time your pedals can wear through the soft enclosure.
  • The shoes could use a little bit more protection in the toe area with some denser material to protect against impacts.
  • The shoe’s sole has waves in the bottom of it that pedal pins stick in. Sometimes I feel like the wave doesn’t provide the best position for my feet and you have to pick your foot up to reposition it as the pedal pins stick inside the trough of the wave. It would be nice to see a waffle style sole or a stealth rubber sole.


  • $70.00 MSRP


, Shimano SH-MP56L Shoes

Shimano SH-MP56L shoes (click to enlarge)

The Shimano SH-MP56L shoes have some great ergonomics to them and fit my feet wonderfully. They fit like typical cycling shoes but are a smidge wider. They are efficient at putting the power down with a stiff sole. When the weather / trail turns nasty the shoe protects well against snags, mud, and water. The Shimano shoes felt great all day to wear for cycling and when walking up the trails. Shimano has some areas where I felt they can improve upon but they have a lot going for them with this shoe.

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