Saris Cycle-On Pro


written by: J.A. Caldwell

, Saris Cycle-On Pro

Transporting bikes around isn’t the most glamorous or interesting topic to discuss but it is something we all have to think about especially in the downhill and freeride community. We’ve all struggled with finding the right method to transport our bikes whether it’s in the back of a truck or attached to some sort of rack.

Outside of a truck, the next best solution is usually a hitch mount tray style rack that tends to work very well for downhill and freeride bikes. The problem with such bikes is their strange and oversized tubing that makes attaching by any means besides the wheels very hard to transport. If a downhill bike isn’t secured in a tray, and instead on a hook type rack, it will without a doubt sway which can damage expensive bikes

In this review we’re going to take a look at the Cycle-On Pro from Saris. It has a relatively unique design and features unique to Saris. The rack comes in two flavors, 1 ¼” and 2”. It comes with 2 trays and is fully adjustable to accept wheel sizes 20” and up.

To find out if the Cycle-On Pro might be a smart purchase for you read the rest of the review.

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