Park PCS-11 : Super Lite Race Stand

written by J.V. Nixon


Park Tool has been manufacturing bicycle specific tools since 1963. Based out of St. Paul Minnesota, they are the world’s largest bicycle tool manufacturer. A long-term dedication to quality, innovation, and customer service has made Park Tool the first choice of professional and home bicycle mechanics around the world.

Visit just about any bike shop and you’re bound to see Park Tools. Visit any race and you’re bound to see Park Tools being used. Designed for bikes, Park Tool continues to innovate and create new and beneficial tools for all levels of mechanics and enthusiasts alike.

The Product:

The Park PCS-11 is a lightweight (13lb) bike stands that is perfect for any mobile cyclist or mechanic. With the same features as the PCS-10, the PCS-11 comes in 35% lighter making it perfect for mobility. You’d be hard pressed to find a bike the PCS-11 couldn’t hold. The beauty in the stand is its simplicity and how easily and efficiently it works.

, Park PCS-11 : Super Lite Race Stand


  • Cam-type clamp allows single action clamping of tubes 7/8” to 3” (24mm to 76mm). Clamping pressure is fully adjustable and jaw covers are replaceable (part #1185K). The jaws open up wide enough to fit just about any kind of bike or even recumbent.

, Park PCS-11 : Super Lite Race Stand

  • Composite top tube for smooth 360-degree clamp rotation.

, Park PCS-11 : Super Lite Race Stand

, Park PCS-11 : Super Lite Race Stand

  • Quick release height adjustment (39” to 57”, 99cm to 145cm).

, Park PCS-11 : Super Lite Race Stand

  • Folds to 41” (104cm) for portability and storage.
, Park PCS-11 : Super Lite Race Stand

Comparison of size of the PSC-11 vs PRS-15

  • Three-point leg system with reinforced center yolk for superior stability.

, Park PCS-11 : Super Lite Race Stand

  • Sliding retention rings lock folding legs.

, Park PCS-11 : Super Lite Race Stand

  • Exclusive Receiver Pod accessory mounts allow easy installation of BTK-1 Bucket and Tool Kilt and PTH-1

Build Quality:

The PCS-11 is built quite well. It doesn’t feature as much of the usual blueness as the rest of the Park Tools. The stand is secure and the locking clips help reinforce the stand. It can hold a downhill / freeride bike without any problem and the clamping mechanism is built strong, opens very wide to accept varying sized seatposts/frames, and works very well.

, Park PCS-11 : Super Lite Race Stand

The PCS-11 doesn’t hold the bike too close to the stand and the arm extends out far enough to allow tools to be used on the non drive side of the bike with ease. The bike can be pedaled easily in the stand without hitting the support.

The overall build quality on the stand is quite good and the paint, fittings, and materials used in the construction are worthy of the Park Tool name.


The stand came in at 13 pounds which was lower than its claimed weight (14 pounds).

, Park PCS-11 : Super Lite Race Stand


The PCS-11 is available for purchase now. The PCS-11 retails for $189.95. Visit your local bike shop, or online retailer to purchase one.


The PCS-11 is perfect for just about anyone looking for a mobile stand. The stand is lightweight, is easy to move around, and is intuitive to use. The stand is stable and can hold just about any bike in any kind of position you might ever want. Even on uneven surfaces, the PCS-11 holds steady.

The one thing with the stand I would like to see would be a little bit more compactness overall on the PCS-11. If the arm could fold down it would be a little bit more compact. There are other stands out there you can get that are similar but Park Tool always seems to set the benchmark.

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