Formula Bianco


, Formula Bianco

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MSRP Cost: $299.99 (does not include adapter or rotor)

If you’re looking for a stellar lightweight brake and price is no object, the Bianco’s should be at the top of your list. These brakes are Downhill capable and All Mountain ready. The Bianco’s teamed with the sintered pads offer great power in a lightweight package. Comparatively speaking, the Bianco’s will save you about 140g over Juicy 7’s.

These Formula’s have a lot of small features that you normally wouldn’t think about as benefits, but in the field they prove themselves well. They’re a bit pricey in comparison to a lot of other brakes out there but you get what you pay for with the Bianco’s. The one finger lever blade feels great and the brake never showed signs of fading or pumping up.

The Bianco’s will set you back a good bit however. You have to purchase the adapters and rotors separately which works well for getting the right setup, but the retail price of these brakes aren’t cheap. If you’re not looking for such a top level brake, the K24’s offer a lot of bang for the buck. Formula’s pricing scheme is set up so you can upgrade a K18/K24 to have any or all of the same parts on the Bianco.

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