Formula Bianco

Possible Improvements:

  • Better Bushings – The bushings in the lever blade could be tighter as the lever did have some slop to it.
  • Caliper Banjo Bolt – The banjo bolt on the Bianco is in a vulnerable position on the absolute outside of the caliper. It’d be nice if it had some protection from crashes and other trail hazards.
  • Lever protection – The pivot that the lever rotates on sticks out and as such is vulnerable in a crash. It’d be nice if the pivot were behind a section of the body to protect the pivot a bit more.
  • Better lever clearance – The Bianco lever main body can cause some fitting issues with shifters, although with the newer style SRAM/Shimano offerings, this is becoming less of an issue.
  • Bolts – The Bianco’s need a lot of different tools (varying allen’s and torx) in order to install and maintain the brake system as there are a lot of different bolt heads. It’d be nice to have fewer of these variations.
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