Formula Bianco


written by: J.V. Nixon

, Formula Bianco
Formula Bianco (click to enlarge)

MSRP Cost: $299.99 each (*adapter and rotor sold separately)

Stopping in biking is something you don’t want to neglect. A good set of brakes makes you faster as you have confidence in your brakes and can brake later and more precisely. Currently all Formula brakes (K18, K24, Bianco) share the same lever body and the same caliper. What sets the Bianco apart from the K18/24 is the one finger lever, and sintered pads. There are also some Greg Minaar Bianco’s that come with a braided kevlar hose in addition to the sintered pads and one finger lever.

So what is all the fuss with Formula’s Bianco brake? It offers some stellar braking power at a cross country brake weight. When you’re trying to get your bike down in weight, everything ads up and the Bianco is one light brake. Check out the details inside.

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