e.thirteen 32 Special Chainguide

written by J.V. Nixon

, e.thirteen 32 Special Chainguide


e.thirteen components are known world wide and for good reason. They build arguably the best chainguides out there. Their first focus is to make the guide work as best as it can and secondly create a lightweight product.

I can remember my first e.thirteen guide and I was surprised at the amount of plastics used in it but after using the guide I was sold. The plastics are only used in non-crucial areas and the polycarbonate bash guard proves itself in the battlefield weekend after weekend.


e.thirteen components is a small, rider-owned and operated company that strongly supports dozens of grassroots races, series, contests and other riding events all over the world every year. Founded in 2001, e.thirteen’s innovative, functional, simple and lightweight chain retention systems have made them a world leader in this category, and the choice of top pro and amateur riders and mechanics alike. They support a worldwide distribution network and take great pride in offering devoted customer service.

Who this chainguide is aimed at:

If you’ve got a single ring on your cranks and don’t want your chain to fall off, a chainguide not only keeps your chain from falling off, but the bash guard protects your expensive drivetrain components. The 32 Special is perfect for street and trail riders who frequently and intentionally smash into immovable objects. The 32 Special has a 32t chain ring capacity in a 4x104mm bolt pattern. This chainguide is perfect for 4x racers, park bikes, and any other form of aggressive riding so long as your chain ring is a 32t.

The Product:

, e.thirteen 32 Special Chainguide
This is what you’ll receive. The guide is clearly marked on the outside of the box as well

, e.thirteen 32 Special Chainguide
In the box, you’ll receive everything you need to install the chainguide.
e.13 now assembles the guide for you as well, so you no longer have to build your guide.

Contents included:

  • ISCG plate (used if you do not have ISCG tabs to attach the guide to a bottom bracket)
  • Main backplate with wearplates and idler
  • Necessary bolts and spacers to mount the guide
  • Supercharger bash guard
  • Necessary chainring bolts and washers for supercharger (deeper)
  • Instructions
  • Stickers!

, e.thirteen 32 Special Chainguide

, e.thirteen 32 Special Chainguide

, e.thirteen 32 Special Chainguide
If you’re looking for a good chain ring to go with the 32 Special, the e13 32t guidering is a perfect match for this chainguide.

How well does it work?

I’ve used e.thirteen guides as well as almost every other guide out there. The nice thing about the e.thirteen ones is the durability that they provide over the metal based guides. If you’re running in mud, the e.thirteen is pretty much self cleaning and they’ve improved the idler so its not quite as loud as my first e.thirteen guide. Since e.thirteen doesn’t use a plate on the backside of the chainring spider, mud has more room to exit and not get hung up inside the crank area. The 32 Special has a clean look to it and the guide is protected mostly by metal in all the right places. In the event any of the parts get damaged, you can order replacements from e.thirteen which is quite nice.

, e.thirteen 32 Special Chainguide

The guide does its job and keeps the chain on the chainring. The last thing you need to worry about is your chain falling off or denting a guide ring and ending your race run or damaging your bike. We tested this guide on a trail bike and a 4x bike and it worked quite nicely in both situations. The beauty in the e.thirteen guide is that you can set it and forget it. Like most everything there are pro’s and con’s and we’ve highlighted a few below.


  • Self-cleaning in muddy conditions
  • Strong and resilient to impacts
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Comes pre-assembled now
  • Designed by riders and proven on the race circuit
  • Sealed cartridge ABEC Enduro Bearing. Easily replaceable
  • Silent running idler material
  • Supercharger molded from proprietary Tuffmax polycarbonate
  • Supercharger can withstand huge impacts
  • Slides over obstacles with ease and doesn’t get snagged or hung up
  • Supercharger won’t bend which means it will last all the way down the hill or whatever you might crash it into
  • Thick polycarbonate bash ring

, e.thirteen 32 Special Chainguide


  • Not compatible with every bike. Modifications are sometimes necessary. (see e13components.com for fit limitations)
  • ALL polycarbonate bash rings are sensitive to mineral based lubes and degreasers (such as T9 Boeshield and Prolink Progold). Using these lubes/degreasers can dry out the polycarbonate and crack them.
  • Somewhat vulnerable plastic idler pulley.

Suggested Improvements:

  • Easier compatibility across all bikes
  • Two sided allen bolts for the chain ring bolts instead of the nut style.


, e.thirteen 32 Special Chainguide
If you’re looking to spruce up your bike/guide a little bit you can order a different colored bash ring.


Below you’ll see the relevant weights. Depending on your setup, some parts are not needed but this is everything that is in the box.

Most setups will just need the guide, bashring, chainring bolts, 10 or 16mm bolts, and spacer’s possibly. If you don’t have ISCG tabs, the beauty of the e.thirteen guides is that you can run the ISCG adapter and run the guide just fine.

Manufacturer Model Year Real(g) Desc. Pic.
e.thirteen 32 Special Guide
, e.thirteen 32 Special Chainguide
, e.thirteen 32 Special Chainguide
e.thirteen 32t Supercharger bashring
, e.thirteen 32 Special Chainguide
, e.thirteen 32 Special Chainguide
e.thirteen ISCG Adapter
, e.thirteen 32 Special Chainguide
, e.thirteen 32 Special Chainguide
e.thirteen Chainring Bolts
, e.thirteen 32 Special Chainguide
, e.thirteen 32 Special Chainguide
e.thirteen ISCG 10mm bolts
, e.thirteen 32 Special Chainguide
, e.thirteen 32 Special Chainguide
e.thirteen ISCG 16mm bolts
, e.thirteen 32 Special Chainguide
, e.thirteen 32 Special Chainguide
e.thirteen 2.5mm chainline spacers
, e.thirteen 32 Special Chainguide
, e.thirteen 32 Special Chainguide
e.thirteen 1.25mm chainline spacers
, e.thirteen 32 Special Chainguide
, e.thirteen 32 Special Chainguide


$149.99 MSRP


We couldn’t be more happy with the way this guide works. The beauty of it is that it will take a beating and come back for more. When setup correctly it’s nearly impossible that your chain will come off. Using a polycarbonate bashring is the way to go as it glides over obstacles. After using metal bash rings on downhill bikes it’s apparent that metal guide rings are not really meant to be bashed on as much. If you hit a rock they can get snagged on them or bend, ending your race run. Not fun. e.thirteen components are the original designer in polycarbonate bashguides and now everyone else is following suit.

I’ve ran e.thirteen guides for as long as I can remember and we’d recommend them to anyone. Customer service with e13 is top notch and they ride bikes too so they know what it’s like on the other side of the fence. They’d rather you not run their chainguides if they won’t work correctly rather than sell you a guide just to get a dollar from you, which is somewhat rare in this industry.

You should be able to purchase this, and any other e.thirteen guide at any good bike shop or e-retailer. See http://www.e13components.com for more dealer locations.

Check the gallery to see all the pictures of the 32 Special.

If you want to discuss this article head over to the forum and speak your mind.


  • Read the instructions before charging in and installing the guide.
  • See http://www.e13components.com for more guides and compatibility information before deciding which e13 guide you need in order to make sure you have the correct one.
  • Contact [email protected] to verify compatibility if there’s any questions.