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, DMC Moto-Trainer

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The DMC Moto-Trainer is a product designed to help you improve first and foremost. By integrating a measuring device on your bike, you can begin to quantify and analytically make better decisions. The basic function of the DMC Moto-Trainer is to allow a rider to begin timing a given run with one simple button push. Once that button is pushed, it can be pressed multiple times to allow the rider to get lap times, split times, and much more.

The DMC Moto-Trainer is simple and easy to use as there is only one button on the interface. The simple interface makes it intuitive to operate. The timer works similarly to a stopwatch but packs many more features.

The DMC Moto-Trainer is designed well and fits cleanly on the handlebars. They supply Velcro that you place on the handlebar and Velcro on the back of the timer arm band that helps secure the timer to whatever position you desire. The timer is also water proof which is pretty much a necessity. The timer mounts easily and has a very low profile so it won’t move around while riding, allows you to keep your hands on the bars, and is safe from most impacts given its position and design.

, DMC Moto-Trainer

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Once mounted to the position desired, there is only one button to push. It’s only a small stretch for your left thumb if you mount it right next to the grip. The initial button push initially turns on the timer and will display zero’s across the wide display.

, DMC Moto-Trainer

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Another push will start the timer and subsequent pushing of the button will give you split times. Once the run is complete you essentially hold the button down for a short time and you can then scroll through a variety of data such as lap time, split times, average time, slowest time, fastest time, and more.

, DMC Moto-Trainer

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The data you can get from this timer is much more than you could get from a timer/stopwatch without a lot more setup and time consuming analysis. The DMC Moto-Trainer allows you to focus on the ride and see the results directly on your handlebar without removing your hands from it. You can store a plethora of laps (as it was designed for motocross initially) but I often just reset the timer after each run. On the race course this tool is invaluable and really lets you focus on things that are mathematically faster vs things that you think are faster. Tire pressure, tire choice, line options, and part upgrades can all be measured within reason with a timer like this.

Features List from DMC

  • Handle Bar Button Start and Time Record
  • View and Store Your Lap Times
  • Calculates Fastest, Slowest, and Average Lap Times
  • Displays Total Moto Time (Can Be Used for Determining Maintenance Service)
  • Ultra Durable
  • 100 Lap Memory
  • Installs and Removes in Seconds with No Tools Required
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight (less than 1 ounce)


The basic functions of this timer are more than enough for most people but there are a few small things that could make the timer even better. Introducing an audible beep on each button press would be nice, as well as an option to have a beep-countdown (5 sequential beeps before the timer starts). This would increase the accuracy of the timer as you could remain focused at the task at hand and allow for a more precise environment when using the timing system. In addition to these small suggestions, a faster reset count on the timer would be nice as sometimes I felt like I had to hold the timer button for too long to reset the timer.


$49.99 MSRP


, DMC Moto-Trainer

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The DMC Moto-Trainer is a great way to numerically quantify a wide variety of things. It helps you determine faster lines, tire setup, and much more. At the end of the day, the timer doesn’t lie and it is easy to track upgrades or modifications you’ve done to your bike. While it costs $50, it’s a good deal for a specific product such as this that packs so many features. There are cheaper as well as more expensive options out there and the Moto Trainer is a simple solution to improving your ride or race run.

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