2009 Intense M6 FRO

written by: J.V. Nixon


, 2009 Intense M6 FRO

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MSRP: $3150 frame only (build kits are available)

Intense Cycles has a rich heritage when it comes to downhill racing. Their downhill racing prowess essentially started with their famous M1 model that was ahead of the pack to say the least. Many high profile companies re-badged Intense M1’s so that their athletes could be competitive. While those days are gone (re-badging professional bikes with a competitors frame), it says a lot about Intense Cycles.

The Intense M6 FRO features 9.1″ of VPP suspension technology and for 2009 the M6 now includes Zerk fittings to let users re-grease the pivots easier. The M6 was bred and nurtured on the race circuit and Jeff Steber honestly gave consumers a chance to get true world cup bike with the M6.  The M6 is one of the few downhill bikes still made in house (in the U.S.A.).

If you’d like to purchase a Intense M6 for yourself we suggest buying one through an Intense authorized dealer such as Competitive Cyclist. They have the expertise to answer any questions you may have and help you build up a solid race worthy M6.

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