2008 Transition Blindside

written by J.V. Nixon

, 2008 Transition Blindside

2008 Transition Blindside (click to enlarge)


MSRP: $1545 (Frame w/ Fox DHX 5.0)

Transition Bikes saw a need to revamp their big travel bike. What they came up with was a bike that looks similar to the BottleRocket, but rides much much differently. Featuring 8.1″ of rear wheel travel, they designed it to eat up the downhill trails while allowing for a better fit among small and large riders which they felt was a small ailment in the Gran Mal.

Whether you’re going downhill exclusively or freeriding, Transition designed the Blindside to excel in both arenas. For our builds, we experimented with various setups to see how it handled various part changes. Transition Bikes prides themselves on being what they call “rider owned”. Their bikes are built for the trails they ride and is a reflection of their vision in what they feel works for them as riders.

With this review we’ll discuss what we thought about the Blindside. We’ll explore various changes to the bike and take a look at the geometry of the various setups a little bit as well. Continue down the rabbit hole.

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