2007 Mongoose EC-D Review


written by: J.V. Nixon

, 2007 Mongoose EC-D Review

2007 Mongoose EC-D (Click to enlarge)

Cost: $3000.00 MSRP complete bike (frame only option available as well)

If you know Mongoose’s history, racing is in their blood. Presently shadowed by some of their lower level bikes, Mongoose does have a number of upper level bikes that are not only a great price, but can compete with some of the bigger names in the industry. The EC-D is Eric Carter’s signature downhill bike and he represents the EC models well in all his racing endeavors.

The value received in the EC-D is one that only a company of Mongoose’s size can accomplish. Since they produce so many bikes, they are able to get great pricing on parts and they pass a lot of those savings onto the customer. You’d be hard pressed to find a better bike as far as part specifications are concerned. The EC-D not only comes with a very good part pedigree, but the frame design and the integrated freedrive system is one that works well in a downhill application.

With this review, we hope to show you how the Mongoose EC-D might be your winning ticket if you’re looking for a downhill bike. If you have any questions, you can contact your local Mongoose Dealer and they’ll be happy to field any questions you might have.

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