2007 Avid Code


written by J.V. Nixon

, 2007 Avid Code
Avid Code (click to enlarge)

MSRP Cost: $230.00 185mm, $235.00 203mm

Braking is a vital aspect to all cycling genres. In gravity based cycling it’s even more important and the Codes will stop you fast and reliably. The question is, what sets these new Avid Code’s apart from other brakes?

Prior to the Avid Code, Avid did not have a brake designed specifically for downhill or freeride use. Many people used Avid Juicy’s and they have proven quite successful especially when teamed with larger rotors. In 2006 Sram debuted a specific brake designed for downhill and freeride, the Avid Code.

When you put your life in the hands of your brakes, it makes sense to pick one of the most powerful and responsive brakes you can get. Enter the Avid Code.

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