2006 Morewood Ndiza ST

Areas of Expertise:

When you design a bike for a race course it’s imperative that you succeed in the design as its purpose is single serving. If you’re looking for a purebred 4x/dual slalom full suspension bike, definitely check out the Morewood Ndiza. The Ndiza is a purpose built bike and it shows. If you’re wondering what a 4x (also known as mountain cross) course looks like, see here for an example.

Four cross / Dual slalom

The Morewood Ndiza does what it’s designed to do, you just have to try and control it. While a hardtail is often smiled upon by most four cross racers, the Morewood aims to tackle the misconception that a hardtail is always faster on a slalom/four cross track. To orchestrate a perfect run down a four cross track, it takes a lot of skill even from a pro.

Where the Ndiza shines is providing you with a small crutch in the event you need it. The bike not only rails berms, but powers out of them. The rear suspension is stiff and only provides assistance in those dire situations. Come up slightly short and the Ndiza’s got your back and keeps you stable. It’s like having a wingman with you on the four cross track. The geometry is spot on and in capable hands, it will carve better than your mother during Thanksgiving.

The Ndiza is setup stiff and is efficient at transferring your power to the ground. It snaps out of gate and it will feel homely to anyone that is used to a snappy bike. The benefit that the Ndiza brings is simplicity. Its movements can be calculated easily since it’s a simple design and there’s no surprises as to what the Ndiza will do.

The way the Ndiza puts power to the ground is very similar to a hardtail. The single pivot position on the Ndiza is high and forward. What this translates to for the bike is that it stiffens the rear end under heavy pedaling so there is little suspension movement in the back. By limiting suspension movement it doesn’t sap any of your power when you’re trying to pour it on.

If you’re not used to nimble maneuvering bikes, the Ndiza will dominate you the first time you put a leg over it. The steering is quick, the balance point is just right, and it will pop out of the corner like a greyhound chasing a rabbit.

Dirt Jumping

The Ndiza is a fun bike and is a capable dirt jumper. The Ndiza feels very comfortable in the air and isn’t a bad dirt jumping full suspension bike when you’re not ripping it up on the 4x track.

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