2006 Morewood Ndiza ST


, 2006 Morewood Ndiza ST

So history. Ndiza means in Zulu “to fly” and it is pronounced Endeeza. Morewood bikes started with one man, Patrick Morewood. He applied his knowledge from racing to create simple and efficient bikes. People might scoff at the simplistic designs, but they’re often the best ones. Over thinking and over analyzing can be just as harmful as under engineering and unproven tests.

Reinventing by recession, Patrick Morewood, addicted to going fast, sought to create simple, strong, efficient bikes to keep racer’s racing and still be one with the bike.

“If less parts = less maintenance = more time to ride, we build the bike with less parts. Put simply, we make bikes that go fast, look good, and leave stupid grins on the faces of those lucky enough to own one.” -Morewood

With a simple approach to what works, Morewood’s single pivot bikes have crept up on the unsuspecting racing circuit. Utilizing their ideology of less is more, they strive to simplify the equation to make a racer become more in touch with their bike.

If you want to see the history story of Morewood, see here

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