2006 Morewood Ndiza ST


written by: J.V. Nixon

, 2006 Morewood Ndiza ST

Cost: $1253 frame only, additional build options available.

There’s nothing like a purpose built bike. The Morewood Ndzia ST is just that, a purpose built 4x/dual slalom machine. It doesn’t attempt to fit any other need and it hits the nail on the head hard with its purpose.

Morewood’s philosophy of less is more applies to every bike they make. Less parts, less pivots, less maintenance, less weight, and less links. If you’re looking for a dedicated 4x/dual slalom bike, don’t skip over the Morewood as it may be a grave mistake.

With this review, we hope to show you how the Morewood Ndiza might be your winning ticket if you’re looking for a 4x/dual slalom bike. If you have any questions, you can contact Morewood Bikes as they’re some of the nicest people in the business and love talking about bikes, especially their own.

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