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Projects: It is fun to follow project builds and since we try do them all too often we thought we’d open up a new behind-the-scenes section dedicated to it. By doing this, we’re allowing you the reader a behind the scenes sort of look at how some of the parts end up on our builds. This section will grow as we see fit so check back here often to see updates but don’t bother asking when a specific project is going to be finished.

Pivot Phoenix 29 10/7/2020

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Chromag Primer – 5/1/2019

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Iron Horse Sunday Rebuild – 11/26/2012

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Iron Horse Sunday Rebuild

Final Project Sunday update! [Iron Horse Sunday Rebuild Update]

2012 Pivot Phoenix 7/2/2012

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Pivot Phoenix

See our Pivot Phoenix project build [2012 Pivot Phoenix]

2012 Yeti SB-66 Aluminum 10/4/2012

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Yeti SB-66

See our Yeti SB-66 project build [2012 Yeti SB-66]

2011 Antidote Lifeline DH – 12/7/2011

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Devinci Wilson 2011

Antidote Lifeline DH built and ready for action. A unique Polish frame. [2011 Antidote Lifeline DH]

2011 Devinci Wilson – 9/12/2011

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Devinci Wilson 2011

Devinci revamps their Wilson with Dave Weagle’s Split Pivot suspension. [2011 Devinci Wilson]

Ibis Mojo HD – 9/1/2011

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Ibis Mojo HD

We’ve built up a modern “do-it-all” bike with our Mojo HD. Check out the build inside. [Ibis Mojo HD]

Transition TR250 – 4/28/2011

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Transition TR250

We got our hands on Transition’s newest mini-DH and park ripper. Check out the build inside. [Transition TR250]

Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert EVO – 12/6/2010

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Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert EVO

The 2011 model year Stumpjumper FSR marks another step of change as Specialized has created Evolution (“EVO”) versions of the Stumpjumper, Epic, and Enduro.   Inside we take a look at the 2011 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert EVO. [Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert EVO Update]

Orbea Rallon – 11/29/2010

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Orbea Rallon

Orbea has a solid foundation in the road market and with the inclusion of some new mountain bike models as of late, they are aiming to delve deeper into the mountain bike segment. [Orbea Rallon Update]

Banshee Legend MK2 – 11/22/2010

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Banshee Legend MK2

Banshee’s Legend has been through rigorous testing on it’s way to becoming a production bike. Now the final product reflects all the hard work and feedback.  Check out our custom build inside. [Banshee Legend MK2 Update]

Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon – 11/16/2010

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Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon

The Nomad is a very popular bike from Santa Cruz and they upped the ante in 2010 with this full carbon option. Check out our custom build inside. [Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon Update]

Turner DW-Link DHR – 11/15/2010

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Turner DW-Link DHR

Almost no introduction is needed, but read on if you’re interested in how we built up the new 2011 Turner DHR. [Turner DW-Link DHR Update]

Intense SlopeStyle 2 – 6/14/2010

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Intense SlopeStyle 2

The build of this new 2010 model from Intense has been added. Check inside for all the details on this updated park and mini-DH ripper. [Intense SlopeStyle 2 Update]

Transition TR450 – 3/25/2010

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Transition TR450

Our first project of 2010, Transition’s TR450. The complete build has been updated. [Transition TR450 Update]

Iron Horse SSO – 12/22/2009

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Iron Horse SSO

The final build of the SSO is complete. Check inside to see our thoughts on the bike after riding it during the 2009 season. [Iron Horse SSO Project Update]

Banshee AMP – 12/1/2009

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Banshee AMP

Our full review of the Banshee AMP has been posted. [Banshee AMP Project Update]

Banshee Wildcard – 11/27/2009

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Banshee Wildcard

Looking at the geometry of the Wildcard it’s clear that it is designed to tackle jumping, offer agility, and perform tricks which is great for a park bike. We built one up for our Park Bike Comparison to see how it fairs against others in its class. [Banshee Wildcard Project Update]

Morewood Makulu – 11/25/2009

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Morewood Makulu

The Makulu was designed to be a top of the line downhill bike and sit above their other downhill bike the, Izimu, as a purebred race machine. Check out our race specific build. [Morewood Makulu Project Update]

Intense 951 FRO – 11/23/2009

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Intense 951 FRO

The 951 is Intense’s newest downhill offering. Gone is the Socom for 2010, but the 951 easily can fill its shoes and then some. Check out our downhill build. [Intense 951 FRO Project Update]

Transition TransAM – 8/18/2009

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Transition TransAM

Full build and review published on the TransAM. [Transition TransAM Project Update]

Intense SlopeStyle – 8/11/2009

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Intense SlopeStyle

The Intense SlopeStyle (SS) is a bike that is more than its name implies. The Intense SlopeStyle offers aggressive geometry that makes it a great contender for a park bike in our opinion. We built one up for our Park Bike Comparison to see how it fairs against others in its class. [Intense SlopeStyle Project Update]

Transition BottleRocket – 8/11/2009

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Transition BottleRocket

The BottleRocket offers 5.5? of travel and was designed for trails that have flow, jumps, and gaps. We built one up for our Park Bike Comparison to see how it fairs against others in its class. [Transition BottleRocket Project Update]

Banshee Legend MK1 – 7/20/2009

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Banshee Legend MK1

The Legend MK1 project gets updated and a ride report from the past few months. [Banshee Legend MK1 Project Update]

Santa Cruz V10 – 7/6/2009

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Santa Cruz V10

We’ve built up a perennial downhill favorite, the Santa Cruz V10. The V10 has been revised over the years and continues to be a solid performing bike winning races all over the world. [Santa Cruz V10 Project Update]