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Rocky Mountain Bicycles Provides Special Pricing to IMBA’s National Mtn Bike Patrol

Vancouver, BC Canada- Rocky Mountain Bicycles, who since 1981 has been known for top-quality bicycles made in Canada, today announces that they have formed a partnership with IMBA’s National Mountain Bike Patrol (NMBP).

Rocky Mountain Bicycles (RMB), an IMBA corporate member for more than 6 years, has agreed to offer its bikes to patrollers at a generous discount, adding another great perk to the numerous benefits (www.imba.com/nmbp/benefits.html) that patrollers already enjoy.

IMBA the International Mountain Bike Association has lead the way in global advocacy for trail access and land management, without IMBA there would be significantly less areas to ride our bikes. 'IMBA creates, enhances and protects great trail experiences for mountain bikers worldwide', they have found a like minded partner in Rocky Mountain Bicycles

After being approached by Tom Mastromonico, owner of TJM Cycle Company (www.cyclecomp.com) and NMBP member, John Olden, US Sales Manager for RMB, decided to step up their support for IMBA and offer complete bicycles to patrollers at a significant discount. Mastromonico saw the potential for partnership and helped facilitate the agreement, “Rocky Mountain is the elite bicycle for the elite rider,” he explains.

The program will run directly through local RMB dealers, who will special order bicycles for patrollers with current NMBP membership in good standing for at least 6 months. This arrangement will encourage NMBP members to patronize local independent bicycle dealers, facilitate relationships between these shops and their local riding community and help promote the NMBP in new ways.

Starting May 15th, current NMBP members will be eligible to purchase Rocky Mountain Bicycles through this program. Please contact your local RMB dealer for details. For more information about NMBP please contact Spencer Powlison, [email protected].

Rocky Mountain Bicycles has always been committed to excellence in both products and service provided. We are constantly working to improve every aspect of our business. For more information about Rocky Mountain Bicycles, visit www.bikes.com.

Contact: John Olden

(801) 557-6785

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