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Knolly Bikes Sign Ryan Berrecloth - plus Q&A
Knolly Bikes is pleased to announce our newly formed partnership with Ryan Berrecloth. Ryan will be utilizing Knolly Frames for his various riding endeavours and we look forward to mutually benefiting from this professional partnership.


Hey, my name is Ryan Berrecloth. I’m 29 years old living in North Vancouver BC. I’ve been in Roam, CKD and Kranked 7

What's new and exciting?

Just signed with Knolly Bikes!!!

Which projects are you working on this season?

Just finished my Kranked segment and I’m beginning work on CKD 2. I have a trip in May with Harookz, Baxter Redfern, Ambrose from CKD and Knolly teammate Ross Measures. Our plan is to drive into the heart of BC to scout some lines and camp for a few days. Should be an epic trip! I’ve also been hired on to build the Seymour portion of the Red Bull Round Up going down in June. If you haven’t heard about it you will soon.

How long have you been riding?

7 years. I got into riding late after playing 5 years of college baseball.

Goals? Riding Philosophy?

First and foremost is to have fun. I’m super fortunate to have the sponsors that support me. They make the best gear in the industry so my goal is to promote them as much as possible through various media outlets. If everyone had the same set up of which I’m lucky enough to run, everyone would be pretty stoked. My goals are simple, promote my sponsors, do my part to grow the business and have fun.

What got you into riding?

My bro. After I was finished my college baseball career I wanted to try something different. Darren told me riding bikes was fun so I tried it out. Turned out he was right.

What has played the biggest part in getting you to this point in your riding career?

Determination and having a general understanding of the business and how it works.

Who are you representing this season? Who or what has helped?

Knolly Bikes – Noel Buckley, Chris Glew
Race Face – Julian Coffey, Craig Pollick
Sombrio – Dave Watson, Andrea Kraft
Giro – Sean Estes, Jim Henney and Kevin Franks
Spank – Sven Mack
Syncros – Pete Roggeman
Adidas Eyewear – Ron Muehlboeck, Christian Jany, David Weisenshofer
Marzocchi – Naz, Bryson Martin and JP
Dakine – Chico Bukovansky

I also receive great support from Decline, Bike Magazine, Freeride Germany, NSMB and Pinkbike.

With so many young riders bursting onto the scene would you say you are under a lot of pressure?

Not at all! There is a huge talent pool of athletes coming into the sport which is awesome. The only pressure I feel is what I put on myself to accomplish my goals.

What would you say is your biggest goal this season?

To elevate my riding level and to represent my sponsors the best way possible.

What is the future of mountain biking in your own words?

The future of mountain biking is on the shoulders of the young talent tearing up the scene right now. The young talent combined with our sports icons will continue to push the sport in new directions and make the current formats more exciting. I think for competitions we are going to see big mountain and traditional slopestyle continue to merge. I think this is already happening with comps like Crankworkz and the Bearclaw Invitational, but it still has some room to grow.

Young rider that's going to make it this year?

Tough to say…I’m not sure about a younger am but for younger guys already tearing it up I would say watch out for Semenuk this year.

Favorite trail or trails and why?

Whistler…enough said.

Shout outs?

Family, friends, my sponsors mentioned above and anyone who I have missed.

Look out for Ryan representing Knolly Bikes and all his other fantastic sponsors.



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