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Goat Lord
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Help turn X country bike to urban hucker!!!
I bought a kona hoss delux because of its tough frame and I thought it would be able to handle a beating, so now I want to turn this baby into an urban jumper, but I am unsure of what stuff to buy to make this thing as sick as it could be. So this is my question to all you experts out there. What do I need to do or buy (price doesn't matter) I know this isn't ment to be a light bike but I would like to try lightening it up a little. Thomson seat post is the only thing I have got so far as sick upgrades go. So please help me???
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stem / fork / cranks / wheels / bars

Stem, you want a shorter one. Depending on your style you may/may not want some rise

Fork, something 80-100mm (pike, argyle, lowered marzocchi 55 / 4x / etc)

Cranks. Depending on how hard you are on equipment you might want to look into stronger cranks. I'd suggest a single ring setup up front with a bash guard system like the e.13

Wheels - XC wheels aren't that stiff and you'll probably end up killing them. A set of more sturdy rims/wheels makes a big difference

Bars - XC bars won't cut it and is a safety hazard if you're doing DJ/jumping on it a lot. There's a lot of options here.

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