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Filip Polc Update

more pictures in the gallery

After a successful winter during which Filip won a city downhill race, Clasico de Cantuna, in Ecuador's capital Quito, finished 6th on the Reunion's Megavalanche and in the end travelled to the Peruvian Valley of the Incas, where he achieved victory in the South American edition of the Megavalanche Trophy, he stepped into the 2008 season with another victory and one more great podium placement.

Filip got on the top of the fourcross podium on the world championships test
event in Val di Sole.

And this weekend he reconfirmed on the podium of the Lisboa Downtown with
a great 3rd place.

Filips run got interrupted in the first part of the track by a junkie lost on the track. Filip didn't manage in the speed to avoid the man and after a painful collision he returned to the start to repeat the run. The commissar told him though that he is disqualified because he didn't cross the finish line. As soon as this misunderstanding got solved Filip was on the track again and managed to cross the finish line two seconds behind the best guy on this track .. seven times winner Steve Peat. Greg Minnaar finished on the 2nd place only few hundreds behind his team guy Steve. And so Filip stepped on the Lisbon's podium for the third time. The first time it was in the year 2000 and the second in 2007. All three times he ended up on the 3rd place. How is it gonna end up next year on the anniversary 10th edition of the LD?

As a next event Filip will travel overseas with his team Kenda Tomac to race on the US Open in Vernon, NJ. He will return to Europe and transfer to Vallnord, Andorra for the round #2 of the Nissan MTB World Cup that will take place on the last weekend of May. Now on he plans to concentrate solely on downhill discipline and the World Championships in one month time.

www.filippolc.sk info: Natalia Bellova +421-907-236664 [email protected]