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Marzocchi help
I'm new here and this is my first post. i came acrossed this site by accident and have been lurking for a month or so now.
Anyway I just bought a 2008 Gary Fisher Mullet. I'm kinda happy with it. I didn't pay attn. to a couple things when I bought it like having multiple chain The biggest complaint I have is the DJ3 the bike came with. One of the main reasons I got this bike was because it had the Zokes and most everything else in this price point had either RST or SR forks. To make a long story short the fork fells like a pogo stick. There are no adjustments for compression or rebouind and there is no oil in the fork either. Also, no air. I took the fork apart and its got a SR dampener in it that's selaed. So I stayed away from a SR fork with a Zoke and get SR internals anyway. Any advice on this.