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i would leave it alone. the hardrock is a good allaround light duty mountina bike that will get you to and from places, do decent single track work, and stand up to some minor abuse. if i were you, i would keep that bike as a good trail bike and go get a bike ment for what u want to do. i've been in your situation before and tried to alter a bike to make it into something that it wasnt, and was just dissapointed. iw ould find a bike specific to your needs. GT makes a good line of bikes to check out, also seeing how you already have a specialized, the p series bikes are a really good contendor in the stree/dj arena. also be sure to check out santa cruz jackel and the giant STP. I hear Trek makes a good dj/street hardtail as well. if you want to alter your bike to work, you can try it, but by the time your satisfied, it woul have been cheaper to buy the second bike and have 2 instead of one and a bunch of pieces.