West Mountain – Queensbury, NY

Helmet Camera
Embedded above is a compilation of helmet camera footage we captured at West. It shows most of what the place has to offer feature wise. Helmet cameras can be deceptive in showing scale, difficulty, and trail details so take it with a grain of salt.

, West Mountain – Queensbury, NY

lodge / restaurant (click to enlarge)

Website: www.skiwestmountain.com/

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59 West Mountain Road
Queensbury, NY 12804


West Mountain isn’t a downhill destination you’ve probably heard of. This isn’t for lack of great terrain or trails, however. West Mountain features a little over 1000 feet of elevation accessible via double chair lift. The mountain offers numerous trails with many connectors. We suggest taking a good look at their trail map before heading up or taking someone along that has been to the mountain before. Even if you haven’t been before trail entrances are marked relatively effectively as you progress down the mountain.

, West Mountain – Queensbury, NY

Lucky Lane roll in (click to enlarge)

The trails at West range from mildly technical to expert only with most in the advanced / expert end of the skill spectrum. The trails are very rocky  and steep in sections. West offer riders a little bit of everything. We wouldn’t consider these trails the most buff and groomed trails we’ve been on by any means. The trails are cut using a lot of natural features using the terrain to their advantage with minimal man made constructed elements.

, West Mountain – Queensbury, NY

off camber steep section (click to enlarge)

West Mountain doesn’t see the amount of traffic other hills in the region get. This is both a blessing and a curse as there is never a lift line and the mountain is practically all yours. However, it does lend to some of the trails be less kept than other resorts.

, West Mountain – Queensbury, NY

(click to enlarge)

The easier trails are located by following Easy Street traversing across the mountain towards High Voltage and Delivery. They feature some nice loamy soil with more flowy terrain. These trails are by far the longest way down the mountain as you have to traverse over to reach them and traverse back across the mountain making for some nice longer runs.

, West Mountain – Queensbury, NY

nice loamy soil and roots (click to enlarge)

, West Mountain – Queensbury, NY

Justin's Drop (click to enlarge)

Other notable information:

West Mountain is one of the easiest accessed mountains we’ve been to in a while. It is only a few minutes directly off the highway. They have a restaurant onsite if you need to catch a bite to eat but that rounds out the local amenities. Nearby riding destinations include Whiteface to the North and Jiminy Peaks to the south with Mt. Snow, Killington, and Sugarbush off to the east in Vermont.

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