Blue Mountain – Palmerton, PA

Helmet Camera
Embedded above is a compilation of helmet camera footage we captured at Blue Mountain. It shows most of what the place has to offer feature wise. Helmet cameras can be deceptive in showing scale, difficulty, and trail details so take it with a grain of salt.

, Blue Mountain – Palmerton, PA

high speed quad lift to the top (click to enlarge)


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Blue Mountain Ski Area
1660 Blue Mountain Dr
Palmerton, Pennsylvania 18071
(610) 826-7700

Blue Mountain was opened for mountain bike riding for the 2009 season. You wouldn’t guess Blue Mountain would be such a new venue with the amount of riding that they have to offer. The mountain itself offers 1100ft of elevation which the crew at Blue and Vertical Earth have used very well to create technical downhill courses, jump lines, super D courses, and even a full length beginner run. In all there are 8 top to bottom trails. They’ve held several races over the season including a Gravity East series event with regular weekend openings since late summer.

, Blue Mountain – Palmerton, PA

Father's day event lift line (click to enlarge)

The riding at Blue Mountain is varied. They have a couple of expert downhill runs (O.G., Chunkleberry, and Moto) which are steep and very rocky as well as more moderate courses more akin to Super D (Balboa). The downhill trails are cut very naturally without using a lot man-made features. You can expect decent rock gardens and several drops along the way down the difficult courses. The more moderate and beginner courses are generally just rocky and off camber without any real areas for riders to get in over their head. The bermed turns are designed well throughout most of the park.

, Blue Mountain – Palmerton, PA

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The ground at Blue Mountain is typical east coast rocky that can get a bit muddy during and after a rain but will tack up fairly well if the terrain is decently sloped. We’d suggest bringing a 6″+ travel bike to Blue for the most fun. The terrain is pretty rough but we’ve seen riders on trail and all mountain bikes have a great time as well.

, Blue Mountain – Palmerton, PA

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For those that are more interested in jump parks and A line type trails Blue Mountain has 2 to offer. Big jumps with lots of flow have been built in for those looking to whip and hip down the hill. Check the video for a look at a riders perspective.

Blue Mountain has also built a full dual slalom and pump track for riders that are more interested in keep their wheels on the ground and racing their friends. The course has been redesigned a bit over the year which has allowed the crew (with design input from Neko Mullaly) to really dial in the course. The runs are matched well and offer riders a challenging array of berms, table tops, and doubles.

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