Hayes Dominon T4 Disc Brakes

7/12/2022 : sicklines

July 12th, 2022 – Never content to leave even the best design alone, the team of engineers at Hayes sought out to produce an even more extreme performance solution upon the solid and universally lauded Dominion platform. Improving upon such a respected system was to prove an arduous task, especially considering that no compromise was to be accepted on the quality or performance of the A4.

The comprehensive analysis, design and development culminated firstly into the T2 model, and now the T4 (two piston and four piston respectively) which offer the trademark reliability, performance and modulation of the original Dominion platform, in an amazingly lightweight package.

Hayes Dominion T4 MSRP

Front or Rear brake: $324.99

Brake Pads: $38.99

, Hayes Dominon T4 Disc Brakes

The Dominion T4, just as its T2 sibling, presents the most gram conscious rider a zero-compromise solution at a significantly reduced weight. The Dominion T4 tips the scales at a scant 276gr per wheel, a whopping 100gr less than its A4 counterpart as a set. Such a reduction in weight comes thanks to a meticulous effort to eliminate excess material and customize componentry wherever possible.

Leaving the core design and functionality untouched, the T4 incorporates sophisticated and lightweight materials where possible. The most significant reduction in weight is also perhaps the most visible modification, or rather the brake lever itself. Produced by Hayes’ sister company Reynolds, the hand laid carbon fiber levers maintain the same efficient ergonomics at a fraction of the weight. Such a light lever contributes to making the lightest lever action on the market even lighter.

The engineering team substituted bolts, push rods, compression fittings and banjo fittings for Titanium componentry (hence the T from the T4 moniker) and the reservoir covers were replaced with composite versions along with aluminum backed pads. The material choice for other components of the lever body or calipers could not be altered so in order to shave additional grams, excess material was found and eliminated through additional machining. While perhaps not the lightest brake system available on the market, these weight savings make for the lightest brake system that performs up to the lofty expectations associated with the DOMINION range.

, Hayes Dominon T4 Disc Brakes

Great power with the lightest finger input
The STABLE RATE LINKAGE geometry of the brake lever contributes a great deal to the DOMINION performance as it confers great power that requires a very low force application to power applied ratio. To ensure that braking force never degrades despite even the strongest force applied to the lever Kevlar reinforced hose resists expansion and increases overall power and efficiency. The KingPin design is a structural pad retention bolt that reinforces the caliper, and thus increases power, while keeping the pads in place.

, Hayes Dominon T4 Disc Brakes

Dominion level performance derives from not only raw stopping power but through creating a system that inspires greater confidence and an overall better experience in the saddle. For example, whereas most solutions from other brands use bushings to facilitate the movement of the lever, the Hayes Dominion uses sealed bearings to require as little force as possible to actuate the brake, offering best-in-class, low friction tactile feedback to the user. The piston glide ring, a technology first used in suspension forks, contributes to even smoother actuation.

This feature together with both lever geometry and sealed bearings make for an intuitive performance that has an unbelievable positive effect on ride experience. Power, modulation, feedback and lever feel all improve the rider experience and inspire confidence, but the brake must also conform to riders’ physical needs and wants to feel like a perfect extension of the athlete. By incorporating a patented tool-free reach adjustment the engineers at Hayes were able to deliver one single solution that can easily be adapted to every rider’s needs.

Similarly, although the Dominion is tuned at the factory for immediate pad engagement, through the use of a tool the system can be adjusted to add the desired amount of dead stroke (how much action is required on the lever to engage pads toward the rotors) Having these two customizable options renders each set of Dominion brakes unique to each ride with a minimum amount of dialing in, and having your own personalized set of brakes increases confidence tremendously.

, Hayes Dominon T4 Disc Brakes

Performance solutions for every budget

Such performance technology and customization options are great but ultimately not worth much if you cant guarantee consistency and flawless functionality. With this concept in mind the decision to design the Dominion with an aluminum piston was made, as aluminum offers a great deal of consistency and functions smoothly across operating temperatures. The same factor played a huge role in the decision to use DOT 5.1 as it is viscosity-stable across operating temperature range in addition to having the highest wet boiling point of all bicycle brake fluid options available on the market. DOT 5.1 is also perhaps the most regulated brake fluid on the planet, found on every corner of the globe and is consistent from region to region and brand to brand. In other words, no matter where in the world you find yourself, no matter what brand of fluid you find, your performance is guaranteed as no variables are present amongst DOT 5.1 offerings. Nothing says consistency like a Lifetime Leak-proof Warranty and Hayes are proud to offer one as a testament to their confidence in such a well-engineered product. The double bleed port, Two Stroke, on the caliper allows for caliper only bleeding and is paramount in guaranteeing a highly functional system, free from any impurities or air. This bleed over (no pun intended) from the powersports sector highlights the competitive advantage that having a large-scale research and development department that operates on diverse applications.

The last ingredient in flawless performance was to guarantee the perfect interface between caliper/pad and rotor.

Unique to the cycling industry, the Dominion includes two adjustment grub bolts to allow finite adjustment of the caliper. CrosshairTM technology makes the mechanics job a great deal easier but also ensures great alignment and, consequentially, unrivaled precision functionality.

, Hayes Dominon T4 Disc Brakes
Small grub screws allow the disc caliper to be adjusted with precision

While speed might be the most alluring part of performance, absolute control is what permits you to push limits further. The Dominion range of brakes was introduced to create a braking solution that not only creates faster and more confident riders but that represents a new standard for 360-degree quality product design. The all-new Dominion T4 is merely the latest in a family of Dominion brakes that continues to amaze athletes the world over. Build them onto your bike and see how not only your ride changes but how your riding improves with it.


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