PNW Launches Composite Range Pedal

4/18/2022 : sicklines
, PNW Launches Composite Range Pedal

Everyone loves adding some color to their bike and PNW’s new composite body flat pedal, called the Range, is now available in seven pedal colors. The composite Range pedals has 22 traction pins, is available in seven colors, and comes in at an affordable $49 USD.

, PNW Launches Composite Range Pedal

PNW recently released their new Loam pedals as well as the Range Handlebar and stem offering for their customers.

Based on the Loam Pedal’s platform, the Range Pedal features 22 replaceable steel pins per pedal and a comfortable platform shape for all-day riding. For easy maintenance, the Range Pedals are also fully rebuildable with a PNW Rebuild Kit

Today they’ve released their new composite pedals that have some clear inspiration from their Loam pedals. The pedal axle is made from chromoly steel and uses a cartridge bearing, roller bearing, and an inboard bushing.

, PNW Launches Composite Range Pedal

Be sure to check out their new Loam pedal and Range Handlebar as well if you haven’t seen the details on those yet.

, PNW Launches Composite Range Pedal

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