Cane Creek Limited Edition Hot Pink Helm MKII

2/14/2022 : sicklines

Helm MKII’s include a newly designed damper featuring a new compression and mid-valve circuit for increased support and control while a new SKF oil seal head and 2.5 weight damper oil reduce friction and provide a more supple ride-feel.Including

Cane Creek Celebrates Valentine’s Day With a Limited Edition Hot Pink Helm MKII 

Asheville, NC –Cane Creek is excited to announce a new Limited Edition Hot Pink Helm MKII fork to celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day.  

The Limited Edition Hot Pink Helm MKII is only available in our 29-inch wheel | 44mm offset platform with Cane Creek’s travel adjustable air spring pre-set at 160mm travel. For this special Valentine’s Day run, the bolt-on Helm Fender is included and unique holographic decals come installed. 

All of Cane Creek’s Helm forks are designed with modularity in mind, requiring only 10mm spacers to be used to change travel on any Helm AIR fork. The tunable independent positive and negative air chambers – along with the self-contained indexed volume adjustment system allows any rider to set up their fork for whatever their personal style or the trail requires.All Helm MKII Air forks can be internally adjusted from 100mm-160mm in 10mm increments. 

All of Cane Creek’s suspension products are hand-built in Western North Carolina and rigorously tested in the Appalachian Mountains. This Limited Hot Pink Helm MKII is available while supplies last for $1099.99.


Available in 29 inch wheel, Air, 160mm travel with a 44mm offset.All Helm MKII forks are easily travel adjusted at home.Don’t wait – Helm MKII Pink is available in extremely limited quantities, in stock now!

, Cane Creek Limited Edition Hot Pink Helm MKII


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