Window Shopping – Mike Hopkins

12/10/2021 : sicklines

“When I was a kid I would do anything and everything to keep my bike rolling…dares, chores, dodgy endeavors, you name it, and I was there. My childhood was built around bikes and bad ideas, whether it was getting around, getting in trouble, or getting away, my bike was the ‘Go-to’, so when it broke it was a big deal. You could say my childhood existed in 2 states, I was either out riding, or I was chasing a dream, and this film is a nod to both.”

“Window Shopper” is the first installment in a three-part series from Hopkins called “Some Things Never Change.”

Stay tuned for more video edits and also check out Micayla Gatto’s videos from her B.C. trip

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, Window Shopping – Mike Hopkins


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