Red Bull Formation – Dig Test Ride – Ep1

11/9/2021 : sicklines

Red Bull has launched episode 1 of their Dig-Test-Ride videos as they recap the biggest women’s freeride event.

Follow along with Casey Brown, Hannah Bergeman, Vaea Verbeeck, and many others on their impressive freeride journey at Red Bull Formation.

Red Bull Formation is a first-of-its-kind progression session for women’s freeride mountain biking. Set against a landscape of unforgiving terrain, the top eight female freeriders, alongside a selection of industry mentors, diggers and other professional athletes, will work together to create top-to-bottom lines that illustrate their skill, style, and power as well as push the women’s field further than ever before. In 2021 Camila Nogueira, Casey Brown, Chelsea Kimball, Hannah Bergemann, Jess Blewitt, Samantha Soriano, Vaea Verbeeck, Vinny Armstrong gathered in the Utah desert to push MTB Freeriding even further.

Cover image: Chelsea Kimball – Red Bull Content Pool


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