Shimano Introduces FURTHER

8/13/2021 : sicklines


FURTHER contains a variety of mountain bike experiences, enhanced by electronic assistance. Trail builders are now better at accessing and maintaining remote trails for all of us to enjoy. World Cup downhill racers are ditching the petrol-powered shuttles and enjoying lap after lap pedaling together. Retired Olympians are scouting new trails in familiar territory to incorporate into routes for all racers. Legends who’ve been paralyzed have gotten back onto the bike and are healing mentally and physically thanks to e-MTBs.

Follow along with Shimano as they release the stories in FURTHER every other Thursday.

The first one is now live – The YES Generation

Check every other Thursday starting August 12th through November 18th for the latest FURTHER story at https://mtb.shimano.com/en-us/discover/further/.

Cover photo: Ken Etzel


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