Welcome Max Langille – Commencal

8/9/2021 : sicklines

Navigating your way into a new career isn’t easy. It takes a lot of time, effort, focus, and a little bit of help to reach what you’ve set out to achieve. If you know Max Langille, you know he’s no slacker and it’s hard to shake his focus once he’s set his mind on something. For now, he’s balancing the seasonal working winters to action packed summers on his ABSOLUT, CLASH, and FURIOUS. Max is excited to see what the future holds and we’re excited to see him grow into his own. WELCOME to COMMENCAL Bicycles, Max…Officially.

“I feel extremely fortunate that Commencal is showing interest in my riding. I’ve always looked to them as a super cool company that gives their riders the freedom to express. Dj Brandt and Andreu Lacondeguy have both heavily influenced my riding style and I’m very excited to hopefully be riding alongside them soon”

– Max Langille.

Rider: Max Langille
Directed by: Cole Nelson & Max Langille
Film: Cole Nelson
Edit: Cole Nelson
Music & Sound Edit: Shining Light – Zach Langille
Photography : Taya Pickard & Cole Nelson


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