Transition Bikes – Scouting The Oregon Coast

7/29/2021 : sicklines

Check out the latest Transition Bike video as they traveled to Oregon for some ripping last winter.

Last winter, amidst all the rain and snow of Bellingham, we decided to head south to the Oregon coast in search of better weather and ripping trails.
Our first destination was Pacific City, where we met up with Josh from Bros. and Hoes Landscaping. We were lucky enough to ride his private system of trails that consisted of flowy machine built trails, jump lines, and raw loam tracks- the perfect terrain for the Scout.

After a day of riding, and an evening of hitting the dunes, we drove to seaside Oregon where we had high hopes of becoming surfing legends within a day. Once our spirits had been sufficiently broken down in the seaside surf, we peeled off our wetsuits in favor of biking clothes and went for a pedal at the Klootchy Creek Trails.

, Transition Bikes – Scouting The Oregon Coast

On our way back to Bellingham we stopped for a quick ride at Capitol Forest where we encountered the exact weather we were trying to escape. Once we hiked through the snow we had a very wet final lap before we returned to Bellingham.

Collectively filmed by TR Characters

TR Characters:
Skye Schillhammer (Marketing)
Hannah Bergemann (Marketing)
Drew Arnold (Sales)
Oliver Parish (Photographer)


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