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6/1/2021 : sicklines

The Badass Women of Ride Concepts

A Culture of Inclusivity 

June 1, 2021 – Reno, NV –  Throughout the month of May, we devoted our social media presence to sharing the challenges and accomplishments of various women athletes in our sport. As May wraps up, we decided that the best way to complete our #SheRidesEveryDay feature is to offer an inside look at the women who are part of the staff of Ride Concepts.

Some seem to think we’re merely babes on bikes, talking about shoes. Sure, we talk about shoes like it’s our job, but as women who work and play in the outdoor industry, there’s more to it than an image or girl talk. It’s a feeling. It’s support. It’s comradery. It’s rallying. It’s getting after it. And it’s the snacks. 

As the cycling and outdoor industries have been predominantly male, a growing number of women are calling Ride Concepts home when it comes to ambitions off the trail. 

, Women of Ride Concepts

Ride Concepts Head Cheerleader Charlie and her angels, Linda, Anne, Ana and Nicole.

“I was first introduced to Ride Concepts at Interbike 2018,” said Nicole Ellsworth, who today services our amazing North American dealers and shops. “I loved that Brandon, our founder, was at the booth all day. He took time to talk in-depth with me about the women-specific fit and why he entered the market. That was huge for me at the time because I could tell he really cared about all riders, not just the typical (adult male) mountain biker.”

As a whole, regardless of gender, that attention to inclusivity is reflected in the company culture, the athletes we support and the product we design. We notice a similar holistic change occurring across the industry as more women are finding their places with careers, women’s cycling is experiencing a growth spurt and in our little corner, women’s skills camps, women-only freeride progression events and women-specific apparel and gear is finally becoming prevalent. 

“I used to ride with mostly men back in the day,” said Linda Greene, an outdoor industry veteran who manages sales and all things snacks at the office and company events. “Heck, pretty much all the sports I did were with men: backcountry skiing, climbing, etc. Women started to get involved in more of these types of sports and I found instead of always trying to catch up, I could ride side by side with these women.”

Women are being encouraged to show up on the trail and at the workplace.

“As women, we need to support each other and know our worth to overcome the gender gap,” said Ana Rodriguez, boss of all things accounting. “I am very new to the industry to be able to fully express my thoughts about it, however I feel that women face this gender gap inequality in all industries. As a woman of color, I have always found myself feeling like a minority in most of the industries I have worked for. With that said, I am very honored to be part of the outdoor world, especially at a place that understands this.”

, Women of Ride Concepts


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