Ride Force – A New Women’s Clothing Brand Launched

5/26/2021 : sicklines

Based out of Jackson, Wyoming, Ride Force is a brand focused on empowering women in the outdoors by providing a performance clothing option inclusive of fit, styling, technical features, and design.

Founder and Designer, Taylor-Ann Smith understood the struggles of finding women’s bike apparel with relaxed fits and neutral designs, so she created Ride Force with the mission to inspire women of all shapes and sizes to push their limits on bikes, while feeling confident in the way they look.

, Ride Force – A New Women’s Clothing Brand Launched

“As someone who has always struggled athletically, mountain biking was the first outdoor activity that made me feel physically capable–a feeling of empowerment that seeped into other aspects of my life too,” said Taylor-Ann Smith, CEO & Founder of Ride Force. “But when I started getting really into downhill riding, all the clothing options were hyper-feminine and too fitted. Ride Force is a brand catered to making all women feel confident both on and off the bike.”

Currently there are about five clothings offerings at https://ride-force.com/ but be sure to check out their options and more as they grow.



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