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4/1/2021 : sicklines

You asked for it. They delivered. Cane Creek releases DIY eeWings cranks!

Cane Creek Announces eeWings DIY Titanium Crankset Kit

Asheville, NC – April 1, 2021

Cane Creek Cycling Components is proud to announce the latest addition to our lineup of acclaimed eeWings Titanium cranks – the eeWings DIY. The eeWings DIY arrives in 9 individual unwelded pieces consisting of the same 3AL-2.5V and 6AL-4V titanium as the original eeWings crankset. The kit can then be assembled and welded by the rider – at home or wherever you have advanced welding equipment.

The original eeWings cranks – launched in 2018 – are made entirely from high-grade titanium and are pre-welded for ultimate stiffness and durability while weighing in at less than 400 grams. They fall in the same weight range as premium carbon cranks but 20-30 percent stiffer and more durable. Cane Creek is so confident in the quality and durability of the eeWings that they are backed by a 10-year limited warranty*.

, Cane Creek eeWings DIY

The eeWings DIY are a perfect addition to Cane Creek’s premium crank lineup. They are aimed at riders who prefer to service and customize their own bikes to a level typically only possible in advanced manufacturing settings.

“We were really thinking about all of those riders out there doing full shock service at home,” said Rider Engagement Director, Luke Bukoski at Cane Creek. “We figured if they have things like oil fill machines and compressed nitrogen in their garage, they probably also have tig welders and would prefer to weld their own cranks.”

Assembly of the eeWings DIY is simple. All that is required is a tig welder, a tank of argon gas, a titanium fill rod, protective equipment and advanced knowledge of technical welding.

“It’s really straightforward,” said Brandon Blakely, Design Engineer at Cane Creek. “You just tig weld the joints using a titanium filler rod while purging Argon gas through the torch and back purging through the individual part to the backside of the weld. You do that to all of the joints ensuring a strong weld and then – bam – you’ve got a set of eeWings cranks.”

The eeWings DIY are available for order on April 1 for $1499 with shipments expected to arrive to customers between June and August 2022.

*10-year warranty not available on eeWings DIY

Disclaimer: Welding just like mountain biking is inherently dangerous. Failure to properly weld may result in injury then death. The durability, strength, appearance, and compatibility of eeWings DIY cranks will vary greatly depending on welding experience, patience, and tools available. Side effects of impersonating an expert welder include but are not limited to 1st thru 3rd degree burns, fire, oxygen deprivation, trouble breathing, loss of eyesight, blindness, and difficulty seeing. Be sure to protect yourself from yourself. Cane Creek is not responsible or liable for any eeWings DIY customer dissatisfaction – this one is on you. Instructions are sold separately but are currently unavailable. Ask your local bike shop if eeWings DIY are right for you… If you don’t have a proper or accurate source of information on bicycle products, consult the comment section on Pinkbike.com


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