Shimano – All Bodies On Bikes

3/29/2021 : sicklines

Shimano is excited to share a really special film project called All Bodies on Bikes that focuses on inclusivity and creating a more welcoming cycling community.

All Bodies on Bikes follows Kailey Kornhauser and Marley Blonsky on a two-day bike ride through the gorgeous Oregon Coast Range. The pair, who both self-identify as fat, bond over their love of bicycle adventures and their shared desire to build a more welcoming and diverse cycling community.

All Bodies on Bikes dives headfirst into hard conversations about society’s obsession with weight, growing up fat, and issues of disordered eating. It also explores how the bicycle community can bring people together to support one another. Shimano believes this is an important story about the joy of riding bikes and making sure everyone has the chance to share in that joy.

All Bodies on Bikes Film
The All Bodies on Bikes landing page will go live on Monday morning and you can view the full film here:



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