EP2 – BC Bike Race Showcase The Shore and Seymour Mountain Bike Trails

11/24/2020 : sicklines

Episode 2 of the BC Bike Race The Showcase travels to the famous North Vancouver Shore trails including Seymour Mountain.

BC Bike Race, THE SHOWCASE 2020
Episode 2 (of 5)
Location: North Vancouver, Seymour Mountain

The SHOWCASE is a five(5) part mini-series, that will offer up a preview of the 2021 route.

This mini-series will share the experience and stories of six(6) athletes: Felix Burke, Katerina Nash, Florence Dostie-Menard, Sandra Walters, Karsten Madsen and Geoff Kabush and include a number of other amazing community personalities.

If you didn’t catch The SHOWCASE:- Intro Video watch it here and
– Chilliwack EP 1 here

The SHOWCASE is aimed to capture the bizarre and strange experience that 2020 delivered, to a lost season and then right back to the indomitable spirit of communities and athletes as they come together to look to the future, to focus on the positive and reflect back on where we have come from to where we are going.

MORE INFO: bcbikerace.com
Race Dates: July 4-10, 2021
w/ backup Date: Sept 12-18

Photo Credits: Dave Silver
Video Credit: Wildland Media


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