Andreu Lacondeguy Roots – Commencal

10/1/2020 : sicklines

Andreu Lacondeguy signed with Commencal in March and they have a new video created by Hector Cash called Roots.

“Its been a pretty weird year. With the new Covid-19 situation and all the general life and travel restrictions, there were a lot of projects that we had to put on hold… We couldn’t leave the country or even the house for a while but in a world full of uncertainty, the only thing we could do was get out there and stay true to our ROOTS.”

Check out his Commencal bike in the Catalonia video post

, Andreu Lacondeguy Roots – Commencal

Andreu signs with Commencal pictured below with Max Commencal.

, Andreu Lacondeguy Roots – Commencal

Learn more about Commencal – www.commencal.com


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