Lockdown London – Bernard Kerr

9/29/2020 : sicklines

Like most of you, my life this year has been very different in this new crazy world that we are all living in. Bernard Kerr Lockdown London is the latest video but no events…. Luckily, I’ve been able to take some great positives from it – I was able to get a dog – a puppy named Lada.

, Lockdown London – Bernard Kerr

I’ve always wanted one but been worried about the initial time to train one which during lockdown, I’ve had plenty of. This was my first time being at home in England for most of the summer in 10 years! Its honestly been so fun just riding out the door, going up to London, and just playing on my bike like I was a kid again.

, Lockdown London – Bernard Kerr

Missing racing is tough, but I’ve been very fortunate to get in tons of trail riding! The Trail 429 is my go-to for the small fun hills where I live and I can put some miles in on it around London. I hope everyone has been keeping safe and enjoys watching a little snippet of what Lada and I were up to in London during Lockdown. – Bernard Kerr Pivot Factory Racing

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, Lockdown London – Bernard Kerr

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