Yeti Cycles – Talk To Me Podcast Nichole Baker

9/28/2020 : sicklines

Get to know more about Nichole Baker in the latest Yeti Cycles Talk To Me podcast.

Talk Yeti To Me. A podcast for the mountain bike world. Each episode you’ll meet someone from the Yeti community with something to really offer. Not just as racers, and industry dweebs talking about race wins and parts and suspension. No, these are the stories of people who didn’t fit into a Schusler Short or Millner Masterpiece. No small talk. Only real talk.

Listen in to the Yeti Cycles Talk To Me Podcast


On EP.06 of Talk Yeti to Me, Marty Schaffer sits down with one-of-a-kind human being, Nichole Baker to talk about how her bike has allowed her a unique opportunity to explore the beautiful country of Uganda all while implementing lifesaving pathology practices throughout the country with her foundation, Path of Logic. This episode also dives into Colorado high country riding and the struggles of pulling off a perfect ride.

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