Grow Cycling Foundation – Eliot Jackson and Katie Holden

8/14/2020 : sicklines

Los Angeles, CA – (August 13, 2020) – The brainchild of Eliot Jackson and Katie Holden, Grow Cycling Foundation serves to promote education, access and opportunities that advance diversity and inclusion in cycling.

Grow Cycling Foundation was created in light of the 2020 George Floyd protests and the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement. In recognition that the cycling world is not immune to a culture of exclusivity and racism,the founders felt a need to help focus the call to action within their own community.

Grow Cycling Foundation was established to create new avenues for inclusive community building and career development in the cycling industry as well as to empower existing programs working to tear down the barriers to entry in cycling for marginalized communities.

, Grow Cycling Foundation – Eliot Jackson and Katie Holden

With ears on the ground in these communities, Grow Cycling Foundation serves to provide the education, access, and opportunities that directly address the barriers they face.To sustainably and inclusively grow the industry, authentic foundations of diversity must be built from within.

, Grow Cycling Foundation – Eliot Jackson and Katie Holden
, Grow Cycling Foundation – Eliot Jackson and Katie Holden

Investing in areas that create sustainable paths for cycling as a lifelong passion, Grow Cycling Foundation leverages four overlapping pillars: Education, Opportunity, Community & Access, to create solutions that provide entrypoints at various steps of a cyclist’s journey.

With a dynamic, five-year plan in place, the first initiative of Grow Cycling Foundation is to build a pumptrack in LosAngeles, CA. Grow aims to inspire career paths and involve the local community by using this space for world-classevents, community building and programs that teach various cycling industry skills.

Website: https://growcyclingfoundation.org

IG: @growcyclingfoundation

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/growcyclingfoundation

Founding Partners:Grow Cycling Foundation has some of the best brands in the world as Founding Partners. These brands are committed to changing the status quo, doing the hard work, and are in it for the long haul. They understand that this is not an easy problem to solve, but are with us every step of the way as we build an inclusive future for cycling. Yeti Cycles Santa Cruz Bicycles FOX Be Good Foundation Pinkbike Red Bull

, Grow Cycling Foundation – Eliot Jackson and Katie Holden


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