Jack Reading – Mega Avalanche Qualifying Carnage

8/3/2020 : sicklines

My first mass start event in 12 years and second one ever so I was really nervous on the start line. Mainly about someone wiping me out ahead of the downhill races starting next week. I was front row in my qually heat and started next to SR Suntour team mate Remy Absalon.

He’s won the Mega Avalanche 5 times so my plan was get on the back of him and try keep up until we made it to the long bike park style downhill section then try get past and bring the rain.

My plan worked well and after 10 mins we were out front together and with the top 4 from each qualifying heat making the front row I was looking good to be front row for the final. Unfortunately I smashed rock with my front wheel VERY hard and destroyed me rim blowing the tyre off. My race was over. Have a watch

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