Scott SR Suntor Team 2020 – Remy Absalon, Hugo Pigeon, Elliot Trabec

6/9/2020 : sicklines

New year, new bikes, same fast French Speed. Head out with SCOTT SR Suntour’s Rémy Absalon, Hugo Pigeon and Elliot Trabac on their all new 2020 Ransom Tuned Enduro bikes.

Video: Pierre Henni / Photos: Scott Sports / Dave Trumpore

Les Vosges, France. With France having just eased it’s lock down restrictions, it’s now possible again to go for proper bike rides. Though you have to stay close to home, that’s no problem for the SCOTT SR Suntour team who have Les Vosges in their backyard. Hugo PIGEON, Elliot TRABAC and Rémy ABSALON sieze the moment and rediscover the Vosges Mountain range. Beautiful dirt, epic views, and some of the best trails around.


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