Ep#1 Rachel Atherton Homelife Recovery Update & Jolanda Neff – JolandaLand Ep#2

5/5/2020 : sicklines

Diving into the life of pro athletes during COVID is something many people are interested in. Pro women are getting itno it more as well now and inside you can watch the new Rachel Atherton video and Jolanda Neff has a new JolandaLand episode. Check it out inside.

Rachel Atherton Photos: Moonhead Media

** Rachel Atherton ** BACK on BIKE AFTER ACHILLES TENDON RUPTURE!! **Bike Life** Episode 1

“ The last few years have been a crazy whirlwind of head down graft, winning races and injuries, its so intense and I put myself under a lot of pressure to get those results. We used to film the Atherton Project back in the day, which was so fun, but it got too intense to film that way alongside racing.  Because I’ve been injured for the last nine months I’ve had a lot of time to think, and then the coronavirus lockdown situation got me thinking even more!! ??Suddenly I had the headspace away from racing, now I’m starting to ride again, to relearn how to ride and get to grips with jumps and speed, it feels as if I’ve been reborn after my injury, everything feels so good!  ??I found myself wanting to start my own channel to film what I get up to in a super chilled way, giving an insight into my life with all the ups and downs. I want to share the life of Dyfi Bike Park and how Dan builds there, Atherton Bikes as it unfolds, racing when it starts again, and just to inspire people to ride bikes, to work through the setbacks. For me personally I wanted to have a new challenge in my life and to learn new skills (hopefully!) so I am editing it all myself, which is terrifying and scary but as a downhill racer all I’ve ever done is focussed on training and racing, so this is totally out of my comfort zone! I didn’t even have a youtube account! ?
I feel ever more inspired by the messages, emails and photos that we get from people around the world that we’ve connected to through racing. People send us pics or stories of their life, or pics of them or their kids riding bikes, so I wanted to give something to those kids and people that was entertaining and engaging, and hopefully inspiring, to create something more real than one photo on instagram … so here we are!  the least technically minded bike racer ever has started a youtube channel!?

Please share, subscribe and let me know in the comments if you like it, and what you would like to see me film next. “

JolandaLand Ep2

“Following on from the launch of ‘JolandaLand’ Episode one, we continue Jolanda’s journey to get back to full health and on her Mountain Bike.

“The recovery has been amazing, I was really lucky. I had amazing people around me who helped me with the right things. I never got sick, which i think was such an important part.” – Jolanda

After finally making it back to Switzerland, it was naturally going to be a long road to recovery, with doctors appointments, small walks with the family and baby steps back on the bike at home. Learning to control the urge to go too hard, too soon can be tricky for any top athlete looking to get back to normality as quickly as possible.

Luckily the end of March came around quickly and with a trip back across the Atlantic to Luca’s place, Jolanda made it back out on the trails once again.

With light at the end of the tunnel and plans starting to form for the start of the season, things were looking on track. Until everything changed.”


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