CushCore Bead Dropper – The Ulitmate Tire Lever

4/27/2020 : sicklines

CushCore is a great system that adds a lot of benefits to a wheel system, especially for downhill riders and racers. CushCore has a new tool to help with installation and removal called the Bead Dropper. Details inside from Cush Core.

, CushCore Bead Dropper – The Ulitmate Tire Lever

Tire levers are perhaps one of the most used tools in anyone’s garage, but they have looked pretty much the same for years. The CushCore Bead Dropper reconsiders the design of a standard tire lever by improving its ergonomics and usability with a large, rubberized handle, thumb flange, and stout lever section. These adjustments make the Bead Dropper easier and more comfortable to use – The Ultimate Tire lever.

The Bead Dropper tire tool significantly helps in removal and installation of CushCore tire inserts. Specifically the critical step of dropping the bead into the rim channel.

Rubberized ergonomic handle
Unique “thumb flange” makes it easy to apply pressure to the tire bead
Sturdy, durable plastic lever – strong enough for DH tires, yet won’t scratch rims
Lifetime warranty
$19.99 , Lifetime warranty

, CushCore Bead Dropper – The Ulitmate Tire Lever


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