Commencal – Jonny Walker eBike Ambassador

4/23/2020 : sicklines

Jonny Walker is a talented guy on a motor bike and Commencal has teamed up with him. Check out their interview and video inside.

COMMENCAL : Firstly, please introduce yourself!

JW : I’m Jonny Walker, 29, from England but currently living in Andorra. I race Moto, competing in the World Indoor Championships and also the World Super Enduro Series.


COMMENCAL : How do you train for extreme racing?

JW: Training for extreme racing is hard because it has so many elements to it. I just try to ride my bike as much as possible and cover all aspects of the sport, usually riding a lot of motocross, enduro and trials.


COMMENCAL : What does the e-bike bring you?

JW: Ebikes are good because they’re so enjoyable. What i like most about MTB is the downhill and with ebiking, you still get the workout going up and you get to come down more times making it way more fun!

, Commencal – Jonny Walker eBike Ambassador


COMMENCAL: You live in Andorra? After the lockdown, any chance we’ll see you on our downhill bike in the bike park?

JW: I’ve realised during lockdown that i’ve taken Andorra for granted so when this is over i will be out every day! There won’t be enough hours in the day for all the things i have planned and i want to do loads on MTB this summer and make the most of it because i feel it’s really good cross-training for enduro.

COMMENCAL : What do you think if we organize a race between you and Amaury? One Moto race and one DH race? 🙂

JW: A race would be awesome, i follow him so i’ve seen him on an enduro bike and it looks like he rips, which means i’d have to do some work on my DH but im always up for a battle. Let’s make it happen!

Jonny Walker’s Race Van Tour


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